Apronology with Vintage Goodness

Whoo hooo!  All my classes at Chattanooga Sewing are set and many of them are over half filled, so if you are wanting to get in on the fun get yourself to the store and get signed up!  One of the possibly most fun classes is going to be the Apronology class where we will be sewing with vintage linens, shirting, trims, up cycled fabrics and more to create one of a kind aprons.

I LOVE making aprons, after all  there is no fitting and you can go as wild as you want  with the trims and design and still end up with something functional. And yes I really do wear all the aprons I make.. well at least the ones I do not giveaway!  Aprons make wonderful hostess gifts as well as a shower gift for a young or not-so young bride.

Nothing beats scoring some vintage linens that are not ready for prime time anymore and turning them into something so dang functional!  the apron above might look all sweet and dainty but it can take the work! It is made from some  retro men's shirting and some wonderful old trim and 1/4 of a bread basket liner that had obviously been placed too close to the edge of a stove or candle given the burn marks on one side. But no matter this leave 3 other parts that are perfect for making pockets!

Make sure to also look at vintage sheets for a lot of bang for your sewing buck as well as lots of length making it easy to make tons of over the top ruffles! 

I have another apron to show off real soon... and maybe  we could even talk about a giveaway.. anybody up for that??...let me know!


Stitchfork said...

If it weren't for a few states to trek across, I'd love to pop into one of your classes!
xo Cathy

Jodie said...

Me too!