August Means Homeschool Planning

August... how did it get here so quick???..  August means that I have 30 days until I get my kids back to their lessons. We keep an old fashioned school calendar and do not crack open the big books until about  Labor Day.

30 days to organize and fill any gaps in our curriculum plan as well as get the year planned out. Given that we have been homeschooling now for 20 years this is not a huge deal but the purchasing of new composition books, sharp new pencils and  college rule rule book paper never fails to get us excited ( we are weird like that).

 I think we will decorate some journals like THIS    or maybe sew up some cool school bags or who knows what.. the only thing I know is that we have 30 days to get it done...and will share it with you!

What are you doing to be true to your creative spirit while getting ready for back-to-school??

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