Back to school Calculators - eek!

Calculators and school.. sort of like peanut butter and jelly, you can't have one without the other at least when it comes to doing Algebra and advanced math. Today found me at the office supply store looking for the right type of calculator for my rising early High School student.  We did not need a graphing calculator quite yet ($$$) but a good scientific one was needed. ( Where the others ones we have bought over the years have gone seems to be under debate- I suspect they are with our missing socks!)

Heavens!.. all those buttons and I don't remember what half of them do!..  If you are like me you will be happy to take a peek at these resources so you to can brush up on your higher math and use of these wiz-bang button laden machines so you to can be ~smarter than a 6th Grader~... or in my case a 9th grader!

Texas Instruments makes tutorials for multiple versions of their products.. start HERE

That whole pesky fractions thing.. look HERE

Scientific Calculator woes... THIS should fix you up!

Happy button pushing!!.... and tomorrow some crafty back-to-homeschool goodness.

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