The Ballard Challenge

So like many I know my day is made all the better when the Ballard Catalog shows up in the mailbox. Beautiful rooms, cool accessories and pages and pages of inspiration and crazy enough on occasion I order something!

But more than anything I use the the images as a catalog of potential craft projects and each item is inspected for it's chance to be made in a budget friendly manner which makes both my creative and frugal sides very happy! 

 Call me sick but I think this sort of stuff is so much fun and I thought maybe there were others out there that also feel the crazy siren call of the Ballard Challenge.  If you do please feel free to join up by leaving a comment in the post.

It will work this way, every couple of weeks I will select something from the Ballard Catalog that I think has great potential to be re-created in creative and frugal style. I will post  up  a photo and a completion/show date, usually about 1 week from the start date. I will  put out the contestant call via  Facebook and e-mail. Those who want to play on that round leave a comment and then get to crafting!  You will then post it up on your own blog on the " show date" ( or if you don't have one I will post it up on mine) You will also send me a good photo of your project and a link for my blog so people can visit you and see what you did.. your tips and over all wisdom you have to share. I will also be participating in each round so it's not like I am asking everyone else to do the creative heavy lifting!

Alas there will be no prizes besides the  satisfaction of having made something super for you home at the merest fraction of the cost of the original and we will not be pitting people head to head in a Crafty-Thunderdom style show off ( no matter how fun that would be!)

The Ballard Challenge is about engaging the crafty part of everyone out there and seeing what they can do with a bit of inspiration and determination. It's support, pats on the back and the occasional glue gun burn... want to come play?

The first challenge will be posted up on Friday!


Shannon said...

I'm in...after a wild and wooly summer I am ready to settle into a crafty fall....Shannon T

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Ok...I'll play