Collective Clothing - My Chattanooga

 As a semi-on going series I am highlighting some of the best places in my sweet little town, Chattanooga TN. I only post the places that I would take you if you showed up on my door step tomorrow and we had a whole day to shop...  I promise only the very best and coolest for you!

 Today  I wanted to let you know about Collective Clothing in the St. Elmo area of Chattanooga.

Collection Clothing is a  jewel of a little shop that is a fantastic urban wonderland of  clothing and retro memories from the fabulous and funky past. This place is a total must visit if you are the sort of gal or guy who swoons over retro records or rocking 1950's prom dresses.

I never fail to be amazed at the selection and the fantastic prices.. just the other day my daughter got the most wonderfully cool hooded jacket for about $10...  I happened to have scored my all time favorite vintage  Garden Gnome set ever there... ( yes, I like gnomes, sue me!)  . I have seen a vintage tux that was to die for not to mention  1950's  collectable plaid shirts, cool skirts and some scarves that I would wrestle you to the floor for!

Sondra and her husband  run the place to care and friendly flair and have a bit of everything, it never fails to enchant me.. ohhhh and have I mentioned the retro jewelry?.. well I won't... it's all mine.. forget I ever mentioned anything!

Live here?.. Live near?.. Go check them out.   Click HERE  for the address and store hours.

Ready to shop??


Audrey Pettit said...

Sounds like a fun little place. Would definitely love to visit someday. :)
Hope your first day back at the books went well yesterday. Thinking of you.

Chloe said...

We are driving right by your sweet little town and I wish we had the time to stop and visit.

It was lovely meeting you.