Crafty Journal Creation - School Supplies Made Better!

Today was SO very busy but it just did not feel right to let the day end without a least a little bit of crafting to wind down my busy mind. And really who came blame me with such an adorable image to work with!  Of course you know where it's from.. Graphics Fairy.. do you ever get tired of me saying that?

I think Karen has this with the Halloween stuff and maybe also under birds since the strong owl thing is going on.. but for me..well just file it under adorable! I have had this printed out and waiting to work with for a while  and tonight seemed just right.

I am a big fan of old-school style composition books for personal journaling but you have to admit they are not much to look at but again... easy fix!

I started with an image that I sized for the front of the note book.. 6.5x 10ish .

Then as to not glue any of the pages together I slipped the body and back cover of the book into a plastic bag ( plastic wrap also works) this left the front ready to embellish.

I am sure you all can guess what is next... I slapped on a coat of Mod Podge with an old brush that was sitting around. For this first coat I like to use the MATTE-MAT version since I am going to want to sand the edges a bit and the satin and gloss don't take as well to that sort of treatment.

Starting at the black edge of the front and going all over the surface I slop on a good layer but not so much that it would run if I lifted the book upright.

Next I smoothed the image onto the  front and added another layer of the Mode Podge and left it to dry... and that is just where it is sitting right now so you are going to have to check back in tomorrow afternoon to see what comes next!... yes I know.. I am a tease!

See you back here this on Monday afternoon for the rest of the project!

 Edit: You can find Part 2 HERE

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Rebecca said...

I too love composition books. So simple and sleek! Fantastic idea.

I just found your blog and I think I like you, lady.