Embroidered Napkins- A Practical Starting Spot

This is 3 of 6 that I did last year

 Are you stitching yet?... why not????

Hand embroidery is a wonderfully relaxing and portable hobby that I have long enjoyed so I could not have been more thrilled to see that ever talented Bari J has a wonderful new website dedicated to just that!

Her website is chocked full of videos tutorial and freebies that make learning easy as pie. and don't miss the Cosmo Floss that is really a dream to work with!

My victims of choice when it comes to embroidery are cloth napkins, since when don't you need another set of napkins?.. we go through 7 sets a week so this gives me lots of options when  dreaming up new images to embroider.

Getting started is easy! Not to mention that this is a great hobby to introduce to children.

Need some inspiration? Check out BariJ's Pinterest Inspiration Page for some jaw dropping thread fun!

Currently I am on the hunt for some black, orange or acid green napkins to start a some Halloween Napkins for the month of October.. how fun is that??  

I will also be doing an introduction to stitching class at Stitchology this Fall, so be watching for that!

Stitch Happy!

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