Food for Thought

Are these not the best looking grilled veggies you have ever seen? and yes they were delish!

So last night finds me out on the back deck grilling up veggies and "off the stick kabobs" for dinner and reflecting on how my Paleo/weightloss adventure was going so far. As you can see I have lost about 12 pounds so far and am resting at a stubborn 180 pounds. I can say that while not hyper strict with my Paelo ways that I can tell that when I am more dedicated I do better and when I slip it is a fast flume ride to eating grain based items and sugar like it is going out of style. And while I have not slipped much at all  when I have each time I have learned something new so from that point I am not beating myself up too much about it.

Today was a good example, I had a large meat protein filled breakfast with good oils coming from Avocado and I was not even remotely hungry until almost 2pm. This is where things went wrong, I decided to have some left over pasta salad that was in the fridge for lunch.. very non-Paelo.. and I did enjoy it but within 1.5 hours I was hungry again and found myself back in the kitchen craving sugar and bread, without much thought I found myself eating a piece of bread with butter.. then back again, ..yadda yadda... it was so "old me" that it took some time to catch on and at that point I just locked myself in my office as not to eat more since I was now stomach full but full of cravings.. bad.

I made lots of beef for dinner with tons of veggies.. ate all  could and I am good for the night. ... lesson learned and ready to face another weight loss day!

How is your journey?

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