The Homeschooled Bookshelf- Philosophy For Kids

Me thinks I need to tidy these shelves!

The  best part about being a homeschooler is being able to pick the very best books on the market and create a dynamic learning environment that is just right for each child. Even schools with the very best intentions are hamstrung with national and state regulations about what must be taught, when and how and that is not always the right fit for each child.

 Long held subjects that were once cornerstones of  a quality education are now dusty relics of a bygone day and I can't tell you how sad that makes me. ...Now don't get me wrong.. I did not get one of those wonderful educations.. they were already pretty much gone with the wind by the time I passed through the front doors of my  1970's open concept elementary school filled with ' NEW MATH and Free/Inventive  Spelling ( GAH!- this SO explains my inability to spell myself out of a bag!)

My hope with homeschooling  has to been to craft a free spirited education for my children that embraces the best out there while still being grounded in some classical educational ideals that create fuller more well rounded people!

To that end I give you two great  books/workbooks to introduce Philosophy to your children in an accessible way that will have them asking the deep questions and enjoying the search for the answers.

Feel free to read the reviews of both books for a deeper understanding of what they cover and do check out Prufrock Press  ( love them!) for more  resources for some of the subjects schools have given up on, much to the devastation of the deep thinking public!

Philosophy For Kids

The Examined Life

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