It's a Sign....

Ok.. I know... enough with the signs already!..last one.. for now.

This one just tickles me to pieces and reminds me of the think-heavy inspirational advertising that was used in the 1930's. Often ad's were presented as word puzzles or cryptograms or a clever play on words that kept your mind thinking about the ad long after it had passed your eyes. 

With that inspiration I used the image from Karen at Graphics Fairy of the nosey lady with the binoc's and then a created a sort of play on a eye-chart with a slightly mixed up bit of inspiration to make you smile once you figure it out. Sort of a pun on a pun if you will.

The board is about 16 inches tall and 10 wide, it was a thrift shop score that previously lived it's life as one of those weird board style place mats which I never understood. I scored all 6 of them for $1.49. They make great painting surfaces after spray primed.

I had intended this to hang in the bathroom and thought I had a good color match going but after I got it in there it turns out that it is way too green/blue so it will have to find another place to hang it.. such is life.

I get so many questions about how to do this.. I think I might have to do a class!

Have you tried your hand at sign making?  How did it go?


Anonymous said...

I love it.

Audrey Pettit said...

How adorable, Maddie! Love the fun wordplay and LOVE that vintage image. Such a great thrift store transformation. :)

Unknown said...

Fab - I love that image and used it in a collage. It's weird that yours was the link before mine on the Graphics Fairy's Monday brag linky thing, and we're both called Maddie x