Journal crafting- part 2

Ok...  I am back just like I promised to finish my crafty journal re-make. If you missed part 1 of this adventure take a peek HERE, I promise to wait for you!  All righty, now that you are all caught up we will pick up where we left off....

If you will remember we left with the owl image ModPodged to the cover and leaving it to sit over night and dry very well.   To help in this I put a small fan in the room but I can assure you this was over kill and it will dry quite well in 10 hours all on it's own. Actually the ModPodge will dry sooner but the cardboard of the cover takes in some of the moisture and you need that to dissipate.

With my now dry cover it is time to trim, sand and distress to achieve the look I want for this project.

I trimmed the over hanging paper with my normal craft scissors and then I used my block sanding sponge to soften the edges. I really think that the sanding step is the key to a really good looking project. The sanding blends the edge of the paper into the background and softens the look of the project.. nice.

The last step is inking the edges. I really like the Ranger line of distressing inks and just take the ink pad and run it along the edges of the cover to give them a nice aged and finished look. It is a small touch but it really makes all the difference.

Our countdown to school continues so make sure to check back later in the week for even more crafty back to school goodness!


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

This would just make you want to learn, gorgeous.

Audrey Pettit said...

LOVE this, Maddie! that image is SO adorable! And I totally agree with you.....all that sanding and inking really makes the difference here. :)