Machine Embroidery for the Modern Mama

Quite a few people are surprise to hear that I am a Machine Embroidery Designer. The first thing that pops into their heads is something like the cutesie  mice stitched on the sweatshirt jacket that their Aunt Ethel wears to every family gathering.... well move over Aunt Ethel. Machine Embroidery is enjoying a modern renaissance and there is room for everyone at the design table.

One of the most engaging projects you can do with an embroidery machine looks little like embroidery at all, in fact it's applique!  Here I have digitized  various circles for this table runner  to have the look of hand work with a small blanket stitch around the circumference of each applique.

Here is an upclose of the stitching.. all done on the embroidery machine. Pretty nifty huh??  I really wanted it to have the feel of hand stiching and am quite happy with how it came out.

If you would like to see more of my embroidery work feel free to stop by my online storefront FRESH THREAD . You can also catch me in Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine on a pretty regular basis and download the current free deisgns I produce for them.

Do you have embroidery machine?.. do you want one?.. what is holding you back?


Gene Black said...

I have an embroidery machine but the field is only 4x4 so it is limited.

I have used it for quilting designs also, which is pretty cool. I wish I could afford a top of the line BabyLock Ellissimo. LOL...but that is just a wild dream at this point.

What software do you use for designing?

amy dame said...

i couldn't remember how i came across your blog in the first place, but now i'm wondering if it was machine embroidery.... hmm!

your table runner is lovely! i've been machine embroidering for a couple of years now, and last fall i was finally able to get rid of my crappy brother and upgrade to a gorgeous elna. i love it! i digitize a lot of my own designs, but i haven't played with applique ones yet. i also buy a lot of designs, mostly from urban threads - i love them!

Anonymous said...
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