Meat Ball Casserole, it's what's for Dinner!

I  love to cook for my family, putting a meal on the table that makes them swoon with delight is a special joy for me. But sometimes there are days that are so long, so intense or so wrong that cooking does not seem like a pleasure. Some days just getting something hot, and filling on the table is all you can ask for. 

Obviously not a food photo taken by the Pioneer Woman!

When those days roll around it is great to know that the freezer holds the key to a no-brainer dinner that everyone will enjoy. If you Google MeatBall Casserole you will find a ton of recipes that all look pretty darn good and I am adding mine to that list.  My version is made without pasta since we are doing our best to avoid grains. I am not rabid about this since it is not a dire medical choice and is more about how for as much as I love pasta when I eat it I end up hungry a hour later and that is no help to my waist line!

This meal can even be thrown together in the morning and sit in the fridge and it's easy enough for even a 10 year old to put in the oven!  I like to serve it with bread ( for those who indulge) and a large green salad.

Please note, that as usual this is a fly-by the seat of my pants recipe so please feel free to adjust the amounts to fit your family.

Maddie's MeatBall Casserole

1bag frozen meatballs - beef, turkey, soy, goat...whatever blows your skirt up
1 jar pasta sauce - I buy sugar-free.. who need sugar in pasta sauce???
1 large can small diced tomatoes, fire roasted is even better but harder to find
2 cloves garlic mashed up
cheese of choice, parm, cheddar, provolone..  2-3 big handfuls

In a large baking dish dump the meatballs, one will bounce out... it's for the dog. Sprinkle on the mashed up garlic then pour on the jar of sauce and the diced tomatoes. If you have picky kids sell them.. KIDDING! (kind of).. just mix the the diced bits into the sauce really well to hide the potential of something nutritious  coming their way. {at this point if I am feeling a bit better about things I will also add frozen spinach which I have thawed by screaming at it  to defrost faster in the microwave and then pressed/drained it until it is but a small and lifeless bit of green.. this part is your call}

OK.. balls in pan hehehe, sauce on, tomatoes on, garlic mixed in, possible spinach action going on.. cover the  casserole in foil and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, then pull it out, pull off the the foil, and dump on the cheese and pop it back in the oven for about 10-15 more minutes... then eat up!

My family who usually basks in the world of fancy eating  ask for seconds and thirds of this meal which I think is sort of funny but am  thankful for since on the nights I make it I don't have much more of myself to give to anyone who might want to gritch about what's for dinner... know what I mean??

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Gene Black said...

Ha ha.... I was thinking "add some broccoli or green peas in there" and then you said spinach.
I really really want to try this recipe.