Mermaid in Waiting

Some of you might remember when  I used a  wonderful Mermaid image from the Graphics Fairy to  further bring out the beauty of a wonderful shell that my son brought home to me from his "guys trip" to Maine with his father and his uncle....No?...  well see HERE

As you can see that was a couple of weeks ago and I did not have the right chain at the time for it so there it sat in it's little velvet box waiting for me to figure out what to do.

Well I finally found my inspiration in some very tiny fresh water pearls and a simple silver chain. It was a simple matter of sewing the pearls onto the chain to get the casual seaside look I was going for.

I am thrilled that I  get to wear it but now think I need to make some earrings to go with it!  Since if you give a mouse a cookie....... Sound familiar?

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Rhissanna said...

If you give a mouse a cookie, you feed him for a day. If you teach a mouse to Wait. That's not right...

The pendant is really lovely. Have you considered a bracelet, or bangle, rather than earrings?