Middle Age Eyesight

What do you think?.. are they....meeeeee?   Going in real soon to get myself some real glasses, my eyesight is dropping faster than my rear end these days!  This over 40 vision thing really sucks.. not much else you can say about it. 

On the upside the  eye doctor is chock full of a zillion different styles of glasses, but at $200-$500 a pair I do not want to make the wrong choice that is for sure!

In just cruising the net I have found some good information that I thought I would share...

Picking the right frames for your face shape.. HERE

Colored frames.. or stick with Tortoiseshell?... LOOK HERE

Do you like your glasses?.. do you own multiple pairs?.. tell me more, then come hold my hand.. I just hate having those icky drops in my eyes!

* funky glitter shades courtesy of Pugsley Pixel


Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, girl, I can SO relate! My eye sight seems completely shot these days. I can barely function without my progressives anymore. Makes me feel like an oldie. Still trying to adjust to the darn things. I've been wearing them regularly since the beginning of the year. Not sure I made a very good choice of frames. My mom and the folks at the shop kept saying these are the ones, but every photo I see of myself in them, I think they are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too heavy for my face.
Good luck to you on picking the perfect ones. Like you said, with the cost of these things, you get stuck with them for quite some time. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the tough choice. While I won't / can't give you advice on what shape or style of frame to buy, I'll share my experiences with them.

I am about 10 years older than you. I've worn glasses since my early 20's for distance vision. As the eyes got older, I added the bi-focals for reading. Then sitting around a PC screen, meant I needed the middle range and I went to progressives. I found the tri-focals easier to adjust to, but vanity demanded I not have the "lines" on the lens.

I also found that I didn't like the darkening lenses. (transitions??) I like my sunglasses very, very dark, so I opted for a second pair of Rx with the darkest tint. If you like to read outside, it's a must. It's a bit of pain to drive to the store, then have to switch glasses so I can see where I'm walking inside the store, but I won't give up the dark sunglasses.
Good luck and be sure to post a pic of the new look. Frames will only last 2-3 years, so whatever you choose, it won't be forever. (And you can find ones for much less than $20

Lynn in Manassas

Rhissanna said...

I used to think I needed a new graphics card, but I just needed better glasses. Hubby likes the Hot Librarian look, so it's not all bad. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I wear torties from Costco and I rock them hard.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hey Maddie,
Can you believe the cost of glasses nowadays!!


Have fun picking out your new specs.

janet xox

amy dame said...

have you checked out zennioptical.com? it doesn't help if you have specialized eye conditions, but if you just have plain old bad eyesight, it's amazing! i have about 10 pairs of glasses, even though i wear the same ones everyday, and they started at $12 a pair. WITH lenses! it was the first time in my life that i could afford prescription sunglasses, because they cost less than the non-prescription ones. i've told so many friends about them, and everyone i know who has ordered from them has been really happy with them.

they're obviously not quite as high of quality as the $500 frames you can buy, but they hold up pretty darn well. i've been wearing this pair constantly for 2 or 3 years now, which is amazing for a $15 investment!