Pretty Pretty Packages- Marketing Mindset

Wow, sorry about that false start this morning and then the day.. wizzzzzzzzed by  and here we are at 6pm.. crazy!.. anywhooooo I thought we might talk a little about packaging and how effective use of such can really be the thing that takes your product or gift from "meh" to  "wow oh wow"!

Even the smallest of  gifts can be made to feel extra special and perhaps even bigger than  it is with the addition of the right thematic design for the packaging.  This all sounds super fancy but the long and the short of it is that we all like to receive a well and cleverly packaged gift. It sticks in our mind and heart long after the moment we first got it.

With the hysterically wide variety of stamps, scrapbook papers and bags on the market  it is super easy to look creative even if you don't feel you are. (really.. I promise)

Start with theme, in my case I knew that the tool charms were small and I did them in a cute little retro print so I took my cue from the color and pawed through my scrapbook paper and came up with the birds on a dark background print that was quite cheerful and fit the mood of this little bitty gift. I cut the scrapbook paper the size of some small beading bags that I had on hand and attached the charm by cutting a little slit in the paper and anchoring the ribbon in the cut.

So far so cute, but they still needed something more.. and that something was a  bag-topper. Easy enough, take some paper that went well with the primary paper and cut little squares and then fold them into little tent shapes that can folded over the top of the bag and be stapled in place.

Bag toppers are the perfect place to add some wording, logo or in my case some creative inspiration for my sewing class students.

In keeping with my theme I picked a bird stamp to add a bit of beauty to the card and then stamped on the word  "Imagine" since it seemed fitting given that the class I was giving these to was working of learning new techniques to help them move forward with their art.

The cards are held in place with a single staple but two might be in order for a larger bag.  These little favors were a really big hit and made each person feel very special and that is what it is all about!

Marketing Midset Tip - Make sure to include your business card in everything you do. I like using Mini-Moo cards for their novel collectable nature. Also take advantage of the back of your packaging to add an offer, coupon or further contact information by printing it on a sticker and attaching it to the back of the bag!

So what do you think.. does the way something is packaged effect how you feel about it?.. let me know what you think!

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Stitchfork said...

Pretty colors in that sneak peek!

Audrey Pettit said...

Really cute idea, Maddie! These are adorable. And I so agree, I think the packaging is just as important as what's inside. :)