Old Owl Soda

Have you ever heard of Old Owl Soda?.. no?.. well that would be because I just made it up tonight!  Honestly I really need to find some more productive hobbies besides obsessive crafting but when it comes to Halloween I am just helpless!  While some go for the blood dripping gore I tend to like the sweet and sentimental and that is what this project feels like to me.

This sweet sign was inspired by a trip to the thrift where all manner of weird  faux wood plaques can be found for little to no money (  59 cents!). In this case it was a  frankly fake bread board made of MDF with the image of a loaf of bread on it. Less than inspiring imagery but the shape was cute and over all it was in  good shape.

I started off my spraying the faux-board with gray primer which dried in like 2 minutes flat given our 100+ temps today! I then dug through my Halloween images until I found this really great owl who had a strong Halloween vibe and reminded  me of images that were often used in  1930's advertisements. With that inspiration and some half way decent photoshop skills I  added the wording OLD OWL SODA at the top and then made up a silly company name and found the PERFECT image of a lady dressed up as a sexy bat ...at.. come on.. say it with me.. The Graphics Fairy.  Where Karen even found that image I don't know but she was the perfect mascot for the Batty Lady Soda Company!

I used Elmers Craft Bond to glue the paper to the board. The stuff stinks like crazy but your paper will not ripple when you use it.. and that makes putting on an the image in a smooth manner MUCH easier.   I let that dry for about 30 minutes while I fixed dinner and then sprayed it with a light coat of Gloss Clear Coat to make it easier to distress. ( Sorry no photo, I dropped the multitasking ball on that one)

After the clear coat dried I sanded the edges where the paper met the board. This blends  the two together and gives it a very professional look.

Almost done... time to add a bit of ink destressing to the edges and the surface. With the layer of gloss  already on the  surface it makes it easy to get the ink right where you want it and wipe away any that ends up being too heavy.  I let that dry and then another quick shot of gloss to keep it all protected.

I will probably add an orange or green ribbon to the top and then all I have to do is wait for October 1 to hang it up!

So what do you think???...

Are you crafting anything special for the most fun holiday of all??


Georgie Horn said...

I love this owl! It's freaking adorable!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

This is so cute...I love the owl image. I'll get working on some ghoulish goodies pretty soon.

socialsue said...

very creative and cute! Love it!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

So, so, so stinkin' cute, Maddie! I am a sucker for anything Halloween, and this absolutely rocks. Such a great transformation of that old junky thrift store find. LOVE that owl. I would so be sneaking this home if I lived near you, my friend. ;)

Stitchfork said...

What a hoot! And perfect for this Halloween.
xo Cathy

Matilde said...