A Peek Into Anarchy....

I have gotten a few requests to see the inside of the Anarchy Estate so today I thought I would start with a quick shot of the "mother-ship" couch were the puppies hang out and kids flop down to read books. We don't keep a TV in the living room so this is a room for being together or if you are lucky enough, alone to get a nap with a couple of Westies as you pillow companions.

Anarchy is relaxed, colorful and above all comfortable since worrying where you can sit never sat real well with me so it is all up for grabs around here.

My grandmother once said that my  teenage bedroom looked like a gypsy caravan.. and she did not mean that in a nice way.. but today I take it as a compliment and will continue to embrace it as long as it feels good and continues to make me smile.

Does your home make you smile?


Anonymous said...

Do have me over for tea. I love it.

ME said...