Retro Craft Bag Happy!

Well, it was not like a needed another bag but this one was just so very cool and just the right size that I had to make it mine. Not to mention really interesting construction that makes it nice and open on the inside while also being easy to carry with the oh so very retro faux bamboo handles.

I am going to use this one for all the sewing stuff I tote around with me since somehow I am under the misguided impression that if I leave the house without a project in tow that I might be stuck somewhere without something productive to do and that just gives me the cold shivers!

The closure is a nice sturdy zipper  and the inside is just willy-nilly with all sorts of nice little pockets to hold even more things!

This is such a great shape and size I think I might produce a pattern based on this retro-beauty since given the opportunity there are a few small things I would like to change but over all  between the size, the groovy fabric weave textured vinyl and the style this one just makes me happy as can be!

So what say you.. are you a vintage bag-girl too??


carol said...

Great bag. I'd buy the pattern. Love pockets. How big is it? Carol

Unknown said...

Totally a retro girl! Love this sewing bag. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the wonderful blog!