School Supply Makeover- Getting Crafty

Ohhh baby do I love school supplies!.. and as homeschoolers we are not stuck to anyone's list of what we should or shouldn't have so we are free to blaze our own trail through Office Depot picking what delights and inspires us.

On thing my kids really like to use is legal pads, They are similar to using plain lined paper but nicer to write on and more portable  but they can be a bit on the BORING side to look at, - Let's fix that!

This is a quick as a wink project and all you will need is some scrapbook paper, a glue snail, and scissors or a paper cutter ( my choice)

For a bit of extra fun I am also going to cover my monster sized glue stick - I am crazy that way, just can't leave good enough alone as my daddy used to say!

I am also going to use this... my Swingline paper trimmer. #1 tool is a crafty collection that is for sure!

Cut your scrapbooking paper 8.5 x2 inches and then using your tape snail apply two bands of tape on the cardboard header of the legal pad.

Press the paper into the tape and then fold the paper over the top of the pad and crease using your finger nail or get all fancy like me and use a bone folder to make a nice sharp edge. Apply tape to the back of the legal pad and stick the paper down on the back and rub again. -- See..soo easy!

I cut the paper to the correct size for the BIG size glue stick and also wrapped it in paper since .. well it just looks cute.. what can I say!

This really is so fast and easy, it takes less than 20 minutes to make 12 pretty legal pads that will make you smile each time you see them.  Heck forget the kids.. make them for yourself!

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Audrey Pettit said...

Love this, Maddie! Why not make those boring school supplies into something pretty? So much better this way! I love this simple idea. Such a small thing, but it makes such a big difference on the notepad. You are too cute to wrap the glue stick, also. Love it!