Spiffing The Place Up

It was actually what one might charitably call cool the other morning and  just that little bit of hope was all I needed to feel like swinging into gear to get Anarchy back into shape. You see, opposed to most people who  do the big clean in the Spring to me it is Fall that gets my motor running and ready to get the house back into shape after a long hot Summer. 

There are lots of big projects that need to be done  but time was short yesterday so I settled for redoing a  sad looking tired platter  into this sweet little beauty.

 I am totally crushing on that shade of blue these days so forgive me if it looks a lot bit familiar. I would like to say that I just picked up this little darling and had it redone in a wink but that would be a really big fat lie. It has been sitting around here in a sad state for well over a year.. and if someone said it had been two years I don't think I would call them a liar.

Those familiar with the re-do game are way ahead of me on this one... I took the levels apart by unscrewing the top ring and three the glass parts in the dishwasher (NASTY)..

I then sanded the faux silver sections since at some point they had been exposed to heat or something since the silver paint was all drippy and cracked.. but a quick sanding got it all smooth.

Then ..well what else.. a coat of spray primer.. I will say it again.. Primer is your FRIEND.. it makes spray paint hold on better and gives you a nicer finish.. don't skimp!

After two coats of primer I then sprayed on the blue... you will have to believe me on this one since I totally forgot to take a photo.. but you are creative people I know you can figure it out!

Let the whole mess dry in the shade for a couple of hours ( it was humid) then thread it all back together and basked in the retro swank that was life when you used something like this all the time. On my part I am going to be putting it by the sink for the soaps and sponges... a wee bit of everyday glam to be sure!

So.. what are you sprucing up for Fall???


ME said...

What a neat idea! Ka-Does to you!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love the idea of putting it to use like that too.