Spookey Stitching - join me!

Ohhhh I am so excited and  wanted to share the news that I am going to be doing this most awesome project starting this coming week and I am inviting you to join me ( virtually) for this most exciting fast paced 
 stitch-a-hallo-roo experience!

This of course is  Pearl Pereira's  most stunning  Halloween Baltimore Album Quilt which I have been coveting since last year. But for those of you who know this quilt also know the price that it commanded- up to $300 for the complete block of the month program and now most of those are all sold out!

GOOD NEWS!.. I happen to know where 3-5 of the complete kits can be scored for the AMAZING price of $75+ tax.. this is with all the applique and background squares of fabric included!
I will be breaking up this quilt into multiple projects including a wall hanging, pillow and table topper so even if you don't have time to do a whole quilt you have time for at least one project this year and then working on the rest for next year!  Of course you can do the whole quilt and it would be stunning so please consider joining me on this fast and fabulous quilting experience!

As to not overwhelm the shop with calls I will get back to the first couple contacts about wanting a kit  and give you contact information. You can assume that shipping will be about $7-10 with insurance extra.

EEK! I am excited!

So..who's in???


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I'm thinking I would love to join in. I love Halloween and this quilt is stunning! I like the idea of breaking it into the mini-projects.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddie,

Would love join and make this quilt. Not sure I can keep up but sure would try. Love reading your posts - where do you get all your energy?

Linda Palmer