Ballard Challenge #1

Ladies and gentlemen start your glue guns!..  Here is the first challenge project. Something a little bit simple and something that newer crafters can get their feet wet on before we move onto something more ambitious!

Ballard's waxes on about these tags being made out of zinc and in the style of antique stencils..  at $25 for a set of ten that is not really too bad... but I think we can do just as well if not better for less money.. what do you think?? 

 I can imagine these hanging off of baskets, the backs of chairs or even as informal house numbers... so many ways to use them... but can you make them better and for cheaper?

So.. who wants to join me in a little creative knocking off?

Show off date will be Next Friday the 9th.. I can't want to see what you do!

1 comment:

Carol N. said...

What!!!! You are not going to tell us how to make a knock-off! Panic setting in right now.