Building a Business Card Wardrobe - Conference Confidentials

1) stuffed muslin angle, 2) my rose arbor, 3) spider web quilt I made, 4) house number pillow, 5) sewing notions, 6) little wooden angle collection 7) circles of the sun quilt

Things are gearing up for a most wonderful blogging conference season and I am super excited to be going to a couple that are very close to me this time. ( Bloggy Boot Camp - Atlanta, Blissdom- Nashville, and Haven- Atlanta - let me know if you are going to be there too!)

With those in the works business cards have been on my mind. Since while I have not been to any blogging conferences  I have been to many others ( Did you know that I used to be national conference coordinator?) so know that the business cards are one of the most important things you can bring besides band aids and aspirin!

For quite a while I have been a real fan of MOO cards.. more to the point Mini-Moo's which are adorable and half sized making them unique and quite memorable as far as business cards go. So you could have knocked me over with the feather when KLOUT gave me a chance to talk about my love for all things MOO and get a free set of 100 cards in the process!.. being no fool I thought deeply about the offer for about 2 seconds and said YES of course I want to more MOO in my life!

Above are some of my past Mini-Moo cards that have been used for multiple different projects and facets of my creative business life. In the past couple of years I have used well over 200 of my photos to make cards that really express who I am as a teacher and an a fiber artist. The process was fun but not fast since I was choosing from 1000's of personal images narrowing it down to 60ish that I liked the best. (You can do up to 100 images, but I wanted some repeats)

This time I took a shot at  using some of the gorgeous pre-made specialty cards for some blog-swag I am putting together for  Bloggy Boot Camp in a couple of weeks.  The process was very easy and I can offer the following tips for making conference cards-

1) Don't forget your name, often we are known more for our blogs than our real name but you need that too! (uh, yeh, I almost forgot- PR fail)

2) Put your pretty face on that card!  It helps people make a connection with you. And make sure that it is a good REAL photo of you.. not a 6 year old "Glamour Shot"  (do they still do those?)  I am pretty much known for wearing my hair down and to the side these days, I had it "up" yesterday and two people I have known for years did not recognize me!

3) Good contact information including your e-mail and blog address (amazing how easy it is to forget the simple stuff!)

4) Order enough!..  for me I like different cards for different occasions so only order about 200 or so per type, but if you want a basic card order enough so you will not run out just as you are ready to make a good connection since it sort of sucks to be writing your name on their name in Sharpie marker.

5) Keep some cards  on you and some in your bag so if one or the other is lost you are not SOL!

EDIT - 6) Guess who forgot to put her Twitter handle???? {head slap}.. be smarter than me!

Soon as my cards get here I promise to show them off!... what are you doing for business cards?

p.s. Klout gave me chance at the cards but in no way put pressure on me to do anything past squeel in delight  and enjoy them when the MOO's come to my mail box. It is my choice to shout out about MOO since I think they are a hot rockin company with great service!  As always I promise to tell you when something sucks.. hey.. who told you that she thought the new Martha stuff was.. "meh" ???


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Well you know I'll be invading Nashville with a fantastic friend. I have been to several Photoshop conferences and THE most important and necessary supply for me was bandaids!

Stitchfork said...

Fun traveling ahead for you! New business cards are on my to-do list so I will definitely hop over and see MOO! Can't wait to see yours!
xo Cathy

rachel said...

I went to Bloggy Boot Camp in Seattle this year and LOVED it. I would love to attend another conference but it has to be nearby. Can't justify airfare and hotel for this hobby. And no joke, the first time I ordered business cards I forgot my name. And my twitter. I just ordered new mini ones from moo (thank you, KLOUT perks!) and they are great.