Kitchen Cabinets - An Alternative

 Inexpensive and Unique Kitchen Cabinets

When people hear that my kitchen storage was  constructed with 80%  upcycled/recycled  items I get a lot of questions about what we used and how we made it work for the kitchen. This photo is about 6 shades of awful and a good blogger would not have posted it.. moving on..... 

This is my dish pantry cabinet..  it is where I keep my baking dishes, serving platters and cake stands. Of course this is it's second life, it's first life ( and that of it's mate on the other side of the refrigerator) began as a European wardrobe without shelves but busting out  with hooks of all shapes, sizes, ages and material... honestly there must have been at least 20 in this one alone! The mirror is the deal giveaway..but I sort of like it so left it there.

I installed the shelves on cleats that are screwed into the thick side walls and serve to hold up the  movable wooden plank shelving  The total height of the wardrobe is about 6.5 feet so it holds a lot and has been a perfect choice... now if I could only get around to getting the inside painted!

... just a few short hours until the weekend.. pick a project.. make it your own.. enjoy!

See you Monday!

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