Day Planner Life Hack

I am distractable.. no doubt about it. I can find myself standing in a room with a crowbar, a pint of ice cream and a light bulb and not remember why I am there.  Therefore my day planner is my saving grace and it is very full!

 I do my best to color code and otherwise "call out" things that must be done but after a while  even though helpful it also becomes distracting.. so much like a horse who needs to wear blinders to see I have come up with my own VERY LOW TECH version....

Yes, a piece of card stock.. one that I fold so I can only see what is coming up and not be distracted by what has passed. Simple but effective!

Do you have a simple Life-Hack to share.. I would love to hear it!


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

I love simple. I use to be a Franklin user...I now use a simple Moleskine weekly calendar that has an opposite blank page...gotta have doodle room! I color code all my computer files (on my Macs) and use a quasi version of GTD (Getting Things Done)
Love your blinders idea because I am so easily sidetra.... OOoooo! Do I smell coffee?? :-)

Rhissanna said...

Crowbar, Light bulb and ice-cream? There's a time factor here, so always deal with the ice-cream first.

(Having said which, congrats on the size ten jeans!)