Made in the Shade

Really some things in life should not be hard, take for example picking a lampshade, when you get it right the angels sing, get it wrong and it is like being visually poked in the eye each day. In the past few weeks I have run across a couple tips to help you pick the shade of your dreams:

  • General rule is that the shade should be about 2x the size of the lamp base.
  • You would never see the lamp harp or bulb exposed, if so the shade is too skimpy
  • Aim for 2/3 the height of the base for the shade
  • Drum shades add a more modern feel

  • Empire shades are more classic
  • Tight spots call for narrow shades- so the lamp can be closer to the wall.
  • Balance can be achieved through color and size but you have to be careful

Yes, from Ballard's

So there you go.. shade 101...go forth and cover!


fairyrocks said...

Interesting to someone like me who is lamp challenged....I do floor lamps with the arm off them for reading do you spell UGLY??? I once got adventerous and purchased {on sale of course} these floor lamps with 3 huge swing arms and what looked like chinese lanterns hanging off them....yeh, they went when a neighbor drove by at night and commented on how they looked like spaceships through the curtains....
Thanks for the 101 :)

Georgie Horn said...

lampshades...they are always a struggle and I love lamps!

Chelley said...

Hey, I got lucky! I bought a lamp at Goodwill several weeks ago. I painted it bright red and bought a drum shade at Target. According to your guidelines, my shade should have been about an inch taller, but I'm calling it good enough!