Moving on.... Front Porch Fall Oasis

Since it seems that the living room is going to be a much bigger elephant to eat than I had thought I have just about given up on fall decorating in there so have transferred my  need to primp and be abundant with the "faux-kins" ( fake pumpkins) to my front porch.

See Charlie the Sheep? He was once partially ingested by a Great Dane puppy!

I had hoped to change things up a bit this year and make some pink and yellow-kins, or maybe some Toile-kins but as slow as the painting is going that is going to have to wait yet another year. Which in the end is fine since it gives me another year to buy up after-season faux-kins at drastically reduced prices since there is no way I am paying $25 for a fake pumpkin!  Everything you see came from my holiday storage closets.. not a dime was harmed to make this display.  The books are from the free bin at the books store, and the nest was a gift from Mother Nature complete with a small egg inside.. found it in the front driveway after the last storm.

So right now things are looking more fall-ish..  with the transition to Halloween-ish not happening till the 1st of October-ish

This shot pans over to the seating area one end.. which happens to be just about everyone's favorite place to sit and read a book. I have changed out the pink polka dot cushions for some brown hop-sack and some comfy old quilts to help tame the nip in the air.  Still need something for that table.

This shot pans to the right where you can see down to the hanging swing and the table were we sometime enjoy a bit of dinner or a glass of wine. Look carefully and you can see the old screen door propped up waiting for my intervention and to the right by the broom are the bikes that some children who shall remain nameless have yet to move.  If I panned more to the right you would have to see the shameful condition of my flower gardens... really really shameful.. they are next on the list ..promise!

I hope that everyone has a happy and creative weekend.. see you Monday!


Doc said...

Looks beautiful my love! Can't wait to get back home tonight to see it in person - maybe we can sit in that swing just a bit.

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, is your front porch ever fabulous, Maddie! Would so love a porch like that. I really love the dresser by the door. Such a cool landing spot for all sorts of seasonal goodies. Totally adore your fall display. :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your porch looks like such a pretty place to sit - love all the little details.