Halloween Art- Frugal Falling it all the Way!

The light on the porch was  odd and kinda spooky.. Nice!

Inspired by a project I saw on line where someone cut a mini foam pumpkin in half  to create Halloween art and mounted it in  a frame I got the idea that I liked the pumpkin in the frame idea but was fresh out of faux Jack-Be-Littles so had to take my project in another direction. And of course the other rule was I had to do it all from my stash ( yes having a wild stash of crafting stuff pays off sometimes)

For this project I used an old frame, a piece of cardboard, a scrap of fabric and a pumpkin image from the Graphics Fairy that I printed out on lightweight card stock and a stout needle and some black cotton floss. -- total cost  Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing.

Old frame, cardboard cut from a large piece of packing card board I keep hidden behind the big cabinet in my office (yep, that's where to look if you need some!) and my printed out pumpkin which I trimmed nicely.

Next I blobbed out some craft paint and grabbed this old brush.  This brush might not look like much but it belonged to my father who was an artist and I suspect it is way older than me, using it makes me very happy.  This is just plain old black craft paint.. nothing fancy.. just do it.

I really like this scrap of faux-bois ( fake wood) print fabric.. I had thought about going with  burlap but I am sort of getting tired of seeing the itchy sister to hair cloth all over the internet so I bucked the trend and went with this.- call me a rebel.

To stick the  fabric to the card board I used spray glue, sticky, smelly, but works great.

Just spray and fold the fabric over.. spray some more to hold down the flaps.. easy

Now to the sewing.. I used a stout embroidery needle but a long Sharp needle would also work. If hand strength is an issue for you also use some needle nose pliers to help pull the needle through.

Since you can't really feel your way through the cardboard to know where to come up through the image I poked  a small hole each time from the front so I could bring the needle up from the back in the right place.

A simple stab stitch is all that is needed or of course you could do a running stitch if that tickled your fancy. In either case this is sewing in the most simple form- ANYONE can do it.

But now we come to confession time...  I went to start stitching the word BOO and totally forgot to take any photos!.. But really it is very easy,  I lightly sketched the word BOO below the pumpkin and the just stitched it with a simple running stitch.

After everything is sewn up.. just pop the "canvas" in the frame and hang up your new Falloween masterpiece!

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More fun coming soon!


Audrey Pettit said...

So, so stinkin' cute, Maddie! I just printed that Graphic Fairy pumpkin over the weekend, myself. :) Love the stitching you added. This is fabulous!

from the SpiritsFold said...
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from the SpiritsFold said...

Very cute! I really like the variety of textures - floss, paper, fabric, wood. Love Frugal Fall!

Georgie Horn said...

I love the paint brush that was your fathers. How sweet!

I'm hosting a blog giveaway on my blog starting tomorrow. Please share with your readers and come by for some puddin n pie.

Stitchfork said...

Very cute and ahhhh--the old way of stitchin'!
xo Cathy

Ann said...

So cute. And great job of using what you already had! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Dina said...

Oh that's cute Maddie!
Your father's brush looks like a real artists brush! :)
I bet it's great to use it.
Love, Dina