Pretty Thrifty- Cash Envelopes

If you have been hanging around Anarchy long enough you know that Doc and I are big fans of debt free living and zero balance budgeting which pretty much means that we fall in line with the often outspoken Dave Ramsey when it comes to the saying.. " Debt is Dumb", "Cash is King".

Cash envelopes were a big part of kicking our former debt to the curb and learning to live below our means. There is something very tangible about holding cash and spending cash that evokes a more reasonable response  and helps getting spending under control.

I love cash envelopes but had gotten away from using them in the past year after my old set bit the dust but have decided to get "back in the envelope" so to speak and thought it would be a great time to add a little bit of creativity to the process.  Since if I were totally honest I would have to say that even if I am a very practical gal I really value "pretty" and think it can be very compatible  with a thrifty lifestyle.

This is totally a project that anyone can do and you don't even have to  make a trip to the craft store to pull this off!

Start with an envelope the right size to hold cash and hopefully fit into your wallet, you can even use a recycled one since you are just going to use it for a template.
Next, unfold and trace your envelope on the back of a piece of scrapbooking paper or other mid weight paper that you like.  I have done the tracing in ink  so you can see it, but you can use pencil.

If you are interested in making your envelopes very sturdy you can reinforce them with  self stick laminating sheets or even wide clear packing tape will work!  Do this to the nice side of the paper before you cut out the envelope.

Cut out the envelope on the outer lines and then score the lines where you are going to need to fold. This will make your folds sharper and nicer.

Use a bone folder or Popsicle stick to fold the  outer creases and make them clean. Do this for each fold.

Fold the side folds in and the bottom fold up and use the  sealing method of your choice. Clear packing tape works well and so does heavy duty roller adhesive like I used.

See, perfect fit for good old George.. and even more of his friends like Abe, or even Grant!

Make one envelope for each cash category that you have, in my case that is seven of them.

To hold the envelopes  I have chosen to punch holes to string them together. I have made a template so each is punched in the very same spot.
Using a paper clip I attach the template to each envelope and then punch the holes.

 I then  stacked up the envelopes and bound them up with some pretty ribbon.

Then on each envelope I added a sticker listing which category each envelope represented. The image came from Karen at the Graphic's Fairy and I did a bit of Photoshop magic on this to make the little ribbon area for writing. I then printed them out on sticker paper and cut them out and placed them on each envelope. Of course this was total overkill, you can just write or stamp on each envelope and it would be just fine.

 The envelope bundle fits perfectly in my wallet making sure that I am always on top of just how much money I have and where I need to watch my spending.

Any questions?

I sure hope you enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to leave me a comment about your response to this project and please join me on my Facebook page for even more ~Pretty Thrifty~ ideas in the coming days.


Unknown said...

These are great!! So pretty and handy!!

Kelly said...

love your envelopes - I am big fan of the Ramsey plan - ( though husband is not) but am starting on the envelope system- this will be great

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Kelly, from what I hear it can be hard on some guys, they think having to get on a budget is a failing of some sort, a kick in the manhood..but really it is the highest way a man can honor his family ..good luck in getting him on board.


Sweet Pea said...

Wow, these are wonderful! I've often thought about budgeting my cash...what a simple (beautiful) solution.
The envelopes individually would be great for gifting cash too. Thanks for sharing.
Dropping over from the Graphics fairy.

Ebony Love said...

So pretty Maddie! Now I have a reason to use my envelope die from AccuCut. :)