Pretty Thrifty Fall Shoe-arama

Did you hear that tiny little scream?.. it was the nickels in my wallet which are getting a hard little pinch as I hold back from buying any new shoes this fall.  No worry, nothing is wrong, I am just feeling uber thrifty these days with a big goal in mind and that means getting frugal all over the place and includes shoes!

I mean lets face it .. we all love new shoes, I will admit to at least 6-9 new pairs a year if not more, but for now that comes to a stop. Myself, I have a passion for Clarks, this is a bit  "wrong". I mean really,what's not to love, fresh suede, soft leather.. swoon, but for now I must hold back!

Lucky for me I have found a no cost way to fall in love all over again with the shoes I already own!... It is as simple as cleaning them up, a bit of a scrub, a bit of polish and some shoe spray and I am looking forward to slipping them back on!

I have about 15 pairs of what I would call "fall-winter" shoes and all of them are looking a bit tired after rather harsh winter last year. I was so ready to be rid of them come last spring that at the first burst of sunshine I threw them to the back of the closet not to be looked at again until today ( sorry if that is offensive, just keeping it real).

So out they came, dusty, stained and a bit smooshed from sitting in  a pile for over 6 months.. but soon enough after using the fuzzy head on the vacuum to removed the dust a loose dirt and  going after them with...

Suede cleaner for the suede and nubuck pairs and mineral oil for the smooth leather, things were looking a good deal better!

 I used an old tooth brush to scrub and re-nap the suede and a soft cloth with mineral oil to shine up the smooth parts and the heels. Shoe polish covered up any nicks in the heels and spiffed up the trim.

12 more pairs to go and I will be ready for the leaves to fall and the nip to return to the air!

What are you doing this year to help your budget stay in line but still stay pretty?.. I would love to hear!

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Anonymous said...

I bought this great book Clothing Alteration Secreats Revealed by Judith Turner. I am remaking some of my tired and stained clothes in to new clothes.
Carol from MN
I'll be posting my results. on I already have done a skirt and vest for my daughter. I just need to post the pics

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, that is a great transformation. Makes you feel like you've got all new shoes again, I bet. :) I've definitely been trying to hold back on the clothes/shoes shopping for myself. I've actually been quite good for a long time. Might have to splurge on some winter shoes, though. Seems I really only have flip-flops, and tennis shoes.