Saying Goodbye to Summer

Helloooooooo out there..  Spent the better part of the last two days watching the water level rise in the pool to the point of over flowing and then pumping it off in the midst of even more rain falling from the sky. Storm system Lee has dropped more than 10 inches of rain on my sweet Chattanooga and took out or power yesterday through late this afternoon.

On the upside I got my office clean and files straightened  since without power you really get down to the nitty gritty tasks that you put off most of the time! Not exactly how I expected to spend my last days of the unofficial Summer but what the heck!

My internet is still spotty at best but I have high hopes of being back here tomorrow.... will you join me?

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Audrey Pettit said...

Yes, bummer on all the rain, isn't it? We've had some doozies of a storm coming through our area on and off since the weekend. I know we need the rain, but it's still a bummer. :(