Super Incredible Living Room Makeover.. prepare to be AMAZED!

Are you amazed yet?  Week 2.. not day 2, I know..sad

As opposed to those with super human painting skills mine seem to peter out at about 3 hours a day when it comes to painting trim, more to the point, painting creamy white ( I know compared to everything else it looks bright white) over blue. No, let me remand that once again.. painting trim in a very uneven 100 year old house creamy white over blue in the middle of doing everything else life demands of me.

Let's take a tour shall we?... I usually pick up the brush after the kids finish lessons so depending on the day that is from noonish to as late as three on days when we are home and not at one of a million other things we do. Sometimes I sneak some in before our school day starts at 9am.

 I am dealing with various....uhhhh shall we say "challenges" in this room and divide my painting days between days on the ladder and off since being on the ladder too much really angers my plantar-foot issues.  Obviously I need a "day on the ladder" to get the upper part of those windows!

1) 100 year old woodwork missing a piece of trim that they no longer make anymore!.. going to have to get a piece of stock molding and re work it to match.. until then various creatures like to slip in that gap.. ever sat down to find a lizard on the pillow next to you?...good times!

2) Chicken Little had it right this time.. the ceiling is falling. 100 year old plaster that has come unkeyed.. not ready to fix this but have some serious worry that it is not going to take kindly to the "freshening-please hold out for another year" that it needs.

3) Baskets, boxes and bundles...oh my!..  Also emptied out the armoire to paint it.. I should be shot for working so much stupid all at once.

4) 100 year old windows - nuff said  ( but no I will not get rid of them, you just don't find that level of cool anyplace else. I choose to think of them still being painted shut as an anti-burglar feature of my home.)

5) Wall color - still no clue but until the blue is all gone I choose not to think on it too hard.

For the sake of variety here is the other side of the room

Yep, more woodwork.. lots of it. 32 running feet of fire place and bookcases 12 feet high.. the feature I loved most about this house is going to kill me for sure!

On the upside I am really ready for the creamy white paint to cover all the blue and then get some color on the walls... it is a new direction and no matter how much I bitch I really am excited.  The painting on the mantle is my inspiration piece.. happy don't you think??

ok.. time for bed.. Paint O'Clock comes early in these parts!


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, sounds like a terrible amount of work, Maddie! Hang in there girl. It will be so beautiful and satisfying once it's done. :)

Tausha said...

I think that you need a massage and big ol' piece of chocolate! So sorry that you are having so many road block. Painting can be such a pain! Good Luck!