Sweet Little Witch Offer

First off.. thank you to Craft Gossip for the feature today!... It was a very nice surprise to wake up to see my little witch towel on the front of their page.. fun!  Also.. thank you for all the personal e-mails about the witch and how I did her.

As I mentioned I used the image from the Graphics Fairy and then went into photoshop to add the special wording.  If you would like me to create a custom version for you  ( or maybe as a special gift?) pop on over to my shop and order a customized PDF file that you can then print and frame or print onto transfer paper and make your own kitchen towels or how about a cute holiday t-shirt?  The options are just about endless!



Dina said...

This is SO cute!! Perfectly matched colors and the image is absolutely wonderful! :))
Love, Dina

Georgie Horn said...

I love your witchy towel! About being stuck...when I did weight watches before, they said to change your whole eating habits to get out of the rut. For instance, if you always have oatmeal for breakfast, instead have eggs. Get it? Good luck!