Balance at Anarchy

A wild rumpus was had! Time to clean up*

Starting this week I am moving to a M-W-F blogging schedule and I will continue to take the weekends  off.  This has been a hard choice for me since I love sharing and connecting with each of you through this medium,Twitter and Facebook but in pursuit of that elusive balance thing I am going to give this a try.

For quick connections I will be posting up items of interest on the Domestic Anarchy Facebook page so do make sure to join there if you are a FB person, and if you do Twitter please say hi to me that way since I really do enjoy getting to hear from each of you. 

** and finish painting and slipcover the sofa and re hang the art and.... and.....

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junebug said...

I love your hard wood floors! I'm still working to figure out a posting schedule that works better for me. It is so hard to balance posting, commenting, fb, twitter, etc. Can't wait to meet soon at BBCATL!