Beautiful Thread for Everyone!

 So.. you remember last week when I gave away the super beautiful spool of Superior Threads Rainbow in the color Gypsy???   NerdySewist won that spool and it is currently winging it's way across the U.S. to her.. but I felt bad for the rest of you... I want you all to be winners!

And now you ARE!

yes.... all 12 who entered will  be getting a spool of Rainbows thread!

I got in contact with the wonderful people at SuperiorThread  and have arranged for a spool of Rainbows for each of the original 12 who entered the giveaway!

So if you are one of those 12 ( confirmed via matched email to your comment) please drop me a note at so that I can get your address and send you some thready goodness early next week!

Are you excited???

( I hope so, I am very excited to do this for you)


AnnaPK said...

THANK YOU MADDIE!!!!!! What an awesome surprise!!!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks again. This is a perfect way to start my day!!

Stitchfork said...

That's one lucky dozen of ladies!
xo Cathy

Linda said...

Thank you so much Maddie - such a nice surprise and thank you to Superior Threads too.

Gene Black said...

Wow! Thanks, an email is on its way.

Gene Black said...

Wow! Thanks, an email is on its way.

Eryn said...

WHOO HOO!!! I just sent you an email. Thanks to you and Superior Thread. My bad day suddenly just got awesome.

Superior Threads said...

We are so happy to help Maddie with her give-away. And, we're happy to hear how excited the winners are. Isn't Rainbows thread fun?