Bikini Area Shaving- Wicked Wednesday is Back!

Uh, no idea why Blogger let this out early.. it was scheduled for Wednesday.. sigh.. enjoy anyway!

Dear all, I have had some questions  over the last year why I discontinued Wicked Wednesdays, and to say it is complex would be an understatement..but after some consternation I have decided to bring Wicked Wednesday back. These  WW posts are of a mature nature- reflections on sex in culture, sexual education, hot-monogamy  and more. I hope you enjoy them.. let me know what you think. ... this post originally ran two years ago and the products I mention are still my favorites.

Ah, the joys of the " big shave" know the one, from ankle to the naughty regions and then a bit more if you happen to heading to the pool or out for a romantic night.
If you are inclined to shave here are some great products that I can't live without. First off shaving is a pretty personal thing ( but when has that ever stopped me from talking about anything?) and it's pretty much an each to his/her own sort of thing. I for one feel better with smooth skin and it's safe to say that Mr. Domestic Anarchy also approves. So this whole thing works out well for the both of us and gives me free liberty to pursue the best of the best when it comes to shave creams and nifty shavers for smooth skin in the most difficult of areas to shave!

First off lets talk about shave creams, there are a million on the market and I would not give you a dime for most of them but I might possibly sell a vital organ if I ever did not have enough money to buy my favorite shave cream of all time. Coochy shave cream by Pure Romance is the Cadillac of shave creams and is so effective at softening coarse hair that it can be used as a beard softener for the guy in your life!

A little goes a long way so don't be put off by the price which is more than a can of that white puffy foam that you are currently stealing from your husband, but OH! so worth it. Coochy, is thick and smooth and great for your legs but even better for those delicate areas that need the most gentle touch when it come to guiding a razor into new territory. Put on Coochy with a bit of water and then wait 3-5 minutes for it to work it's magic, shaving becomes easy and "smooth" is the word of the day when it comes to results!

Next comes razors, on this count I am two different minds and when it comes to different body parts I have different razors for them. For my legs and underarms I have to admit to not being all that picky and will go with a good brand that I can usually find on sale at my local Target store. Currently I am using Schick Xtreme3 with Comfort Plus ( aloe and Shea butter).. these seem to do the job and for a pack of ten it was about $6.

When it comes to shaving other than my legs and underarms I am a die-hard lover of the Noxzema bikini shavers. These little dudes can sometimes to be hard to find so when I do I am sure to pick up a couple of packs at least ( easy to do at $2 a pack!). These things are tiny!.. I am talking that the razor width is about that of my thumb nail or maybe just a bit more. The handle is easy on the hands but I could wish for some grippy action since it can get slippery if the shave cream gets on your hand and the handle.

It would be a slow go to shave your legs with these little guys but for the more delicate areas it's just the right size giving you control as to not shave off something you might want to use later! No matter if you are just trimming up so your bathing suit covers the rest or if you are inclined to shave all that Mother Nature gave you this is the product for the job.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Maddie, we've had some stressful times lately, honey and I, and have very little time to be together. Sexy got put on the back burner, and can be so hard to revitalize.

Your bloggy reminders help slide sexy towards the top. You know what? It is as beneficial to our relationship and my mental health as $80 or more spent at the therapist, because sometimes it simply boils down to me taking charge and being responsible to place it as a priority.

Thank you for bringing the topic back.

Lisa F