Branding Isn't a Bad Word

In an effort to stretch it out and milk it for all it's worth  savor the memories I am going to be relating what I learned at Bloggy Bootcamp in little tiny posts over the course of .. forever. Honestly my head almost dropped off from learning so much and I suspect that I could post 20+ times on the topic and still not relate all I learned or do it near as well as these ladies did.

First off was Amy B.H*. ( for grins I am going to let you find her name.. she is just too fun!)  She spoke to us about branding in a tough love for bloggers sort of way that had most smiling and a few snivviling into hankies out of angst at the news that they were going to have to dig a bit deeper to find their authentic blogging self and put it out to the world since otherwise they were going to get lost in the sea of the other.... wait for it... 200 million blogs out there!

Amy had a lot of good stuff to say about branding-  most of which you can read here at her professional blog BE BETTER  But what I took away was the part about really being you, the best you, the unique you, the you that no one else is. Better yet how to capitalize on that to find your voice and get it out there with consistent design and presentation of that very unique you. Big order for sure but good words to hear. 

Branding gets SUCH a bad wrap out there..but as she pointed out, each time we get dressed unless we are blind and do it in the dark we are choosing to brand ourselves. That JJill dress, purple Spanx tights and black knee boots I wore was my "brand", "my story" that I was trying to sell people.. I hoped my brand said mid-40's but hip ( perhaps I failed..who knows).. Each choice we make is a brand, from the car we drive to the TP we put on the roll in our bathroom. Our blogs are the same.. what does yours say about you? Design?.. color?..theme?  Can people see the unique you when they come to your blog. They will make that determination in under 20 seconds.. again.. what is your blog/brand saying about you?

*I would also like to mention that no matter what don't hate her because she is so stink'n gorgeous (my bitter self tried and failed, she was too nice) that it's sort of rock start like.. she is also a great presenter, super nice to talk with and had on a pair of leopard shoes that were totally kick ass.

This is the first part of my series about what I learned at Bloggy Bootcamp, if you want to follow along please join the Domestic Anarchy  Facebook page (upper left) where I will be posting and adding daily tips as I remember them!  


Amy B. said...

If you were going for mid-40s, you totally failed. I wouldn't have guessed a day over 35!

Unknown said...

I agree there was so much info to absorb and proccess.

It was great to meet you and "connect".


Melissa {momcomm} said...

I really lovve what Amy said about what we wore was branding. It's a great way to make it sink in!

Great meeting you but wish we got more time to talk! Hope to see you at a future conference though!