Country Living Fair- In Review

First let me start off with OMG!.. I was so excited to be able to go to this  creative event. I missed the Country Living Fair last year and have sat around  for a year pouting like someone who did not get picked for the dodgeball team waiting for my chance to roll around again.

I wish I had taken more photos but it seems in the face of so much wonderful I get a wee bit stupid and spent more time with my jaw hanging open in wonder than I did snapping photos. (On that note quite a few vendors had " No-photos" signs and I did respect those, so if you go please be aware of this little fact.)

We arrived mid-afternoon after a small navigational delay. The weather was stunning in Stone Mountain Park - Atl. GA.  where the event was held. A crisp, sunny fall day, PERFECT.  Parking at the event was $10,  and tickets to get into the fair were $16 each. I could gotten them for a bit less by buying early on-line but since the weather is dicey and so is life sometimes I decided that the extra $4 total was worth the walk-up price. 

There were no lines what-so-ever when we got there but I heard tell that at the  lines at the early-bird event were hysterically long.. so score one for late in the day shopping! When you pass through the gates you are in a "town-square" of sorts with  food vendors, information booths and the CL store ( which I forgot to go in-boo!) Off from there you find  long looped pathways bordered on either side by vendors of all sorts.  

As for who was there...  I suspect there might have been some sort of jury process for vendoring at this show since the booths there offered a pretty tight and consistent variety of items that would appeal to the reader of Country Living Magazine. I appreciated this since I did not have to waste my time on styles of art and home goods that do not fit my taste. Nor were there vendors for  tables full of  slightly mis-knit tubesocks (or does that only happen in the South ?). That is not to say there was not a good selection of vendors and products. From modern funky-junk sort of country to true primitive (or Prim's as they like to be called) it was all there. Add to that fabrics, gourmet food vendors and more.. very nice.

 In the end I only purchased a couple of things ( which I will feature later this week) but that was out of totally being overwhelmed, next year you had better watch out! :)

Top 5 best things about the fair-
5)Stone Mountain park was a great place to have it- nice and easy to access
4)Large selections of vendors with similar but unique products
3)Parking was ample, if a bit pricey 
2)Service to get big things back to your car for a small fee.
1) THE PRICES.. amazing.. really so affordable

A couple things I could have lived without -

Cafe food service was less than stellar, and VERY expensive - $12 for a serving of Chickenpot pie?

 Paved pathways were very narrow making even a small crowd very crowded.

Stollers.. EVERYWHERE - I love kids, I love babies, but antique fairs are not the place to bring them. Bless the mamas and daddies with babies in snuggly front packs and slings.

Dogs - Your dog no matter how wonderful has no appreciation for crafts, collectibles or antiques -leave him home unless he is a true service dog. ( yes- lady with the ancient peach poodle that I saw your dog take a wiz on that vendors  antique frame - I am talking to you)

People there to rip off the hard work of other and that is the only reason you came. (yes,  2 ladies in the tacky orange bedazzled shirts I saw you taking notes and sly photos and talking about your own craft fair aspirations)

Over all I could not have been more thrilled and I am counting the days  and putting my pennies in a jar for next year!  


Audrey Pettit said...

What a super cool event! Would so LOVE to go!

Unknown said...

It was lovley to meet you @ Bloggy Bootcamp. Would love to have gone to this too!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

So jealous that you got to go to this!! I tried to make the one in Ohio, but kids' activities won out. Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see what you got. And, shame on the peach poodle owner... that is gross!