Creating with Graphics Fairy Goodness

At the risk of being labeled a Graphics Fairy groupie I thought I would answer a question a got the other day from a friend.  "I see all those pretty images but have no idea what to do with them, how do you come up with your ideas?"

I will totally admit that this took me aback since my head is full of about 1 million projects that I will never have time for.  I also get that not everyone's brain is the messy creative jumble that mine is but they do want to  craft at times so with that in mind I though I would walk through my process out loud- so to speak.

So while this is a tutorial of sorts is might be a bit light on some details, if you have a questions just ask!

My process began with seeing this cool  jewelry bezel at Hobby Lobby, it's unique shape called to me and I knew I was wanting to make a new fall necklace.. so far so good.  With the shape in mine I took a stroll through the fall themed images at The Graphics Fairy until I found this sweet oak leaf and acorn image.. can't get much more fall then that!

I sized the graphic in Photoshop with the bezel in mind - actual size of this piece is 1.75 wide and .95 tall, so not that big at all!

Next is cutting out the image. I used the bezel as a template knowing that I would have to cut smaller but also knowing it would give me the basic shape.

I then trim in thin little bits until I can get a perfect fit. With small fine pointed scissors this really is not so hard. I also used a bit of distressing ink on the image to give it a bit of age.

Next I pour a tiny bit in and smooth it around (photo missing) and then insert the image and pour on a thicker but not too thick layer of the glaze.  In this case I used Triple Thick  since it's easy to use and easy to find at most craft stores- oddly it is usually in the paint section.  Squirt the stuff on slow and easy to avoid air bubbles. Don't mess with it but do use a thin straight pin to pop any bubble that appear. I actually like a single bubble or two but if you mess with it a lot you will get lots of bubbles that will mess up the image.

Now I wait.. the first layer of glaze takes 3-8 hours to dry so I put it away and try to forget about it since messing with it always ends in disaster..

Later this week I will post part II of this adventure. If you want to get it delivered to your mail box sign up in the box at the top right of the page. I will also be posting it to Facebook so join the D.A. page at Facebook if you want to catch it there ( link on upper left of page)


fairyrocks said...

Brilliant as always Ms Maddie
Keep smiling and creating

WhyCuzICan said...

Adorable image you chose and sweet project...thanks for the clear tut, too!

Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at GraphicsFairy today,
Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

Unknown said...

It's beautiful Maddie!!! I just bought some of that glaze. I can't wait till this week is over (Our Holiday Open house at the shop), so that I can finally make a few projects! In the meantime, I'm glad I can always swing by here and admire yours!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Looking good!!