Creative Living and Loss

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One of my very favorite tea cups in the whole world as broken today. It was a total accident and no blame was assigned and no heads were laid upon the chopping block. Still the break-e feels pretty bad about it and I have been doing my best to assure them that while sad I am not really all that upset. 

This cup has brought be great joy for the time I have owned it and while I have lost it for that purpose  I will use the shards to create some jewelry that will be with me for even longer I hope. The jewelry will remind me of the  hours sipping hot chocolate and tea from it and my delight at the colors and the pattern ( anybody know the name of it?) which first drew me to it. 

Part of living a creative life is using what I have including the good, the special and the breakable and not saving these items for "someday".  To enjoy each minute I have had with these things until they pass back out of my life as part of the cosmic process.

To live fully in a creative mindset is about risk. Some risks are small, like that of a broken tea cup and others are larger and more painful than I could ever imagine, such as losing my son. But no matter big or small it's about being in the moment and possibly even making the very best of a  very bad moment. 

Even from the very hardest place I have ever gone I learned that I am stronger and more resilient than I could have ever dreamed. To see beauty again, to laugh, to create again in the face of such pain gives you a hope to move forward and helps you see that sometimes even losing your favorite tea cup is not such a bad thing after all.

Ok.. switching gears.. that was a bit

In the case of the tea cup, the shards are still just amazing, and I am looking forward to incorporating them into to unique jewelry pieces by way of some soldering work. Do you know about jewelry soldering? It is wildly fun and  I can get lost in it for hours!  I started out with a kit from Simply Swank and have built up my supplies from that point.  I am hoping to offer some classes this fall over at the studio..the host some craft nights thereafter.. I love sharing creative inspiration!

Have a fantastic weekend and  check back Monday for a post about my adventures at the Country Living Antique Market this weekend!!    And Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta!

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Anonymous said...

I have a bucket of broken treasures out in the shed awaiting a new life... can't wait to see what you make of this one!