A Frugal and not (Financially) Frightful Halloween - Frugal Fall

Why yes, fall leaves swirl through my home at will.. why do you ask??

If you have been reading here a will while you know that I am celebrating fall in the most frugal of fashions this year by being so radical as to use what I have and call it good enough. I will cop to the fact that I did have 1.5 large storage containers of Halloween stuff that I have bought ( on sale) over the years to start with so it is not like a was exactly suffering.

I gave up early this year.. I am STILL painting the living room so this display is as good as it is going to get in my house. All the items were bought in the previous years at what I like to call "After-ween" sales when the prices are rock bottom and they are all but giving the stuff away.  There is nothing in that photo that I paid more than 2 bucks for- yeh I know.. hate me.. ( I would)

 I plopped another couple items out on the porch and  then shut the lids on the boxes that were still half filled with  cute Halloween stuff that will have to wait for next year and I give you permission to do that same if it means a wee bit more sanity in your life.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your decor! I have our vintage typewriter in our fireplace, but I need to "Eek" it up! I'm loving your blog!