Hair Styles Over 40 - My Favorite Long Hair Resources

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A couple of years ago I put in place my personal plan to "get my groove back".  I had lost my groove (once again) and  had to spend some time digging around for it.  Part of that plan was paying more attention to my hair  and learning hairstyles for longer hair since mine was changing as I aged and I was not keeping pace with the everyday pulled to the back ponytail was not a style, it was a  desperation cop-out for sure. I had to be able to do better than that!

What once was a mass of thick, fast growing locks had slowed down, thinned out and gotten dry no thanks to my funky thyroid. Luckily I came from a people with an obviously high follicle count but what was once a fist full of hair that took the extra big  hair elastics now had me twisting those hair elastics 3-4 times to have them grip in my hair at all- ugh.

I was not ready to go into that good dark night of hair I could not love and had to cut short to manage so had to learn tips and tricks to make the most of what I have. This means learning new hair styles and  hair product, (sometimes 2-3 of them) to have hair I love and get compliments on (yes I am shallow, I want my hair to look so good that I get compliments on it- do you hate me now?)

The internet is a fan-freaking-tastic place to find about a million zillion hair tutorials with some being better than others. I thought  I might share a couple of my favorite long hair resources with you. But in a nut shell-learn how to tease that hair for natural volume and get a teasing brush!

I am going to start with my favorite for long hair girls. Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode  is beautiful and has rockin hair and some of the best most friendly tutorials out there.  I would also like to mention that her husband is wildly handsome but try to tear your eyes away from him and watch the videos..  In fact my  Mini-twists (which are actually little buns) were totally inspired by a tutorial she did last week.

Keiko Lynn is fresh and fantastic and about the age of my oldest child but I love her hair and really like being inspired by what she does and this sweet hair tutorial.

And for those who love braid of all sorts plus easy and fast do's ( me me me me me ) I give you Hair Dresser on Fire

So what do you think?.. I suspect the world of hair tutorials is saturated enough but maybe I will do a couple over the coming weeks, and maybe you would want to watch??.. after all.. would you really want to give up the chance to see me like this?

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Natalia Lynn said...

You're so sweet! Thanks so much for the linky love, I am glad that you are liking my tutorials!! Any suggestions for me? November is a month of beauty on my blog, so I am doing a ton more!! Thanks again! :)