Halloween Soap - Good clean fun!

Halloween can be hard for those who do not indulge in sugar or who have dye allergies since not much  during this spookiest of all holidays is not loaded with the sweet stuff, artificial color or both!

Everybody deserves to have fun on this day and with that in mind I created these Spiderous Soaps for a bit of good clean bath time fun after the parties are over.

 You don't need an allergy or to be shunning sugar to enjoy making these with your kids or doing it yourself and then putting them out as some freaky-deaky guest soaps for the season!

To make these you will need some plastic petri dishes ( or other type of soap mold- our dishes are left over from a science experiment we did last month), clear glycerin melting soap and some plastic spiders. The two pounds brick will make about 24+ petri-dish sized soaps.

Before starting you will want to lubricate your molds and even earlier suffer the raised eyebrows of the Walgreen's clerk  when you check out with the life-time supply bottle of Mineral oil. - or save yourself "the look" and use a quick shot of baking spray.

Melt the glycerin according to directions and then pour into the molds.. be quick about this .. the soap hardens quickly and  gets gloppy.. reheat if this happens to you.

Labels make things more fun!.. I used an image from the Graphics Fairy and changed it to suit my soapy needs.

From start to finish this was a 1 hour project that was quite a bit of fun, safe with even the youngest crafters and generally pretty budget friendly. I had quite a bit of the stuff on hand but did hit up the Target $spot for the spiders which were $1 for a pack of 8 ( as a note they also had snakes and bugs if you swing that way)  But if you had NOTHING it would  roughly look like this..

Soap- $9 ( or about $5 is you use a coupon)
Spiders $2 for  16 of them ( bugs had more per bag- better deal.. but I like spiders)
Petri dishes - $4 for 24 of them at the science supply place

So for  bit over $10 you can make 24 party favors or hauntingly good gifts.. not bad at all!

Do you have some other non-candy treats for the holiday that you would like to share?.. please let me know!


Rhissanna said...

Thanks for the finances. It really helps to know how much this stuff costs. Clearly, some people have an eyewateringly large budget for craft stuff, which is all very fine, but for those of us who don't, this information is important.

The soaps are cute, too. I thought soa pmaking always used sodium hydroxide and rubber gloves and fuss. You mean I can buy the base soap already made?

This is why I love blogging, learning new stuff! Thank you, Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Is using a label with a "poison" symbol such a good thing for an item for children? They may encounter that symbol at a later time,on something truly hazardous, and not realize it's dangerous.

Polo said...

I absolutely love this idea. Utterly charming. Thanks for sharing!

Morgan said...

I LOVE this idea. Thank you. And your labels are awesome. I too really like graphicsfairy.com

(once I figure how to do it.. I'd love to link up with you. I've just started my blog.)

muralimanohar said...

This is a BRILLIANT idea! Thank you! Now I know what to give my niece for her birthday! She will LOVE it! :D

Out of curiousity, you don't happen to have that label as a dl'able file, do you? Or else, a link to where I would find what you started with on Graphics Fairy??