Safety Topics for Not So Careful Crafters

 Dear Hand.

I am so very sorry about our crafting accident. I obviously did not bring Brain to the party or this would not have happened. Safety is not something you and I have talked about a lot when it comes to crafting but I think it's time.

Crafting is wonderful but sometimes I get in a hurry or think I am such a fancy pants that I can flout the rules and get away with it. In this case I was in a hurry and did not consult with Brain about the fact the the container that was accidentally melting was also full of very hot liquid soap. Brain would have known better but I had sent him off on the task of thinking about what to make for dinner and how to get the cat yack stain out of the new sofa. Thus he was occupied and I was therefor working without a net so to speak. - Once again, so sorry, you are the one to who had to suffer for it.

I would also like to say I am sorry for not being prepared for this or any emergency* even though I pride myself on such things. There you were in terrible pain and I could not find just about anything to help you. Of course the kids offered you Bengay (WRONG) and diaper rash cream (even wronger) ( why do we still own that?  Nobody has worn diapers in this house in 8 years!?) cool water was the first option and I did do that for you. But other than that I had little to offer until I could get you wrapped up and taken over to the pharmacy - Again..sorrrrrrrry

On the small upside ( yes this is me looking for a bright spot) we learned  about Burn Jel Plus and it has made you feel so much better that I am feeling a bit less guilty. I am buying a full burn kit to have here in the house  along with restocking the first aid cabinet so it's good for more than premenstrual cramps and snake bites. ( Yes, snake bite kit but not burn kit, you know I am hanging my  head on this one) - Again... realy really sorry

In closing my pledge to you is this..

1) I will bring Brain to the party when working with any and all crafting supplies
2) I will work on being focused
3) I will be prepared, since you never know!

4)..I am very very very sorry..still


P.s. if you know someone who could use a little crafty safety reminder you can FB or tweet this post on the buttons below. - Maddie's hand


Audrey Pettit said...

Holy cow!! That looks SO painful, Maddie! SO sorry!

carol said...

Wow, reminds me of when I wrestled the Turkey in the Nesco. It wasn't totally thawed and I couldn't get the bits out of the cavity. so I put in for 30 mintues, then instead of removing the bird from the 350 degree Nesco, I tried to wrestle the bits and bags out of the cavity. I burned both hands, because I bumped one hand against the side and jerked causing the other hand to bump the other side. not very pretty.

try cocoa butter to keep the skin soft makes the scar lighter and even disappear.

Katie said...

Ouch Maddie, that looks like it might hurt just a wee bit. Good excuse to take a day or two off and pin pin pin!!!

Rhissanna said...

Oh wow, that looks so painful! *winces in sympathy* And brave of you to post a picture.B urns are just so horrible. I hope it heals up all nice and clean, Maddie. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Ouch times ten.