Thread Painting, something for everyone!

Just a quick note as I get packing for Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta. So much to do and so much I seem to have hidden from myself!.. if anyone knows where I put my t-strap heels please drop me a line.. I sure would like to wear them this weekend!

In other news I am working on a thread painting project using this beautiful panel of autumnal poppies.. and some very pretty thread.   A lot of people don't know much about thread painting. It can be done in just about all of the styles out there.. from very traditional to stark and modern.   I am just playing around with it for a small " in the middle" project but for some people it is a full on passion.

I have a  gathered some good links for those who are interested in more about this intriguing hobby so have a look... and if you will now excuse me.. I have some shoes to find!

A great Tutorial  is HERE

The queen of the traditional art style is HERE

Thread sketching is HERE   LOVE this one!

Fresh and Modern is HERE

Have fun!.. embrace your creative nature!


Georgie Horn said...

I love the thread!

Kelly said...

Wow, you are fearless!!!

Stitchfork said...

Have a wonderful time at Boot Camp - safe travels! And can't wait to hear all about it.
xo Cathy

AnnaPK said...

Thread painting looks fun! Speaking of thread, mine came today! Thank you! The colors in it are beautiful!