Variegated Thread - We have a Winner!

Yes we do!.... a winner a winner...   #12

The NerdySewist! 

I love that she is new to sewing and .. well the "love" just makes me all gushy.. so that Random.Org picked her.. well that just makes my day too!

Oh Maddie, I am such a novice when it comes to thread! I appreciate any advice you can give on it. I use a poly-cotton blend because a teacher in a class recommended it... otherwise I'm completely in the dark.

PS. You are the best twitter friend & everyone should follow you!! :) :) :)

-- Kristina, aka @nerdysewist

Do not despair if you did not win.. if you are part of the first 12 I am working on something special for  all of you so hold tight, I hope to have good news next week!

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Unknown said...

Yaaaay! Thank you Maddie - what a great way to start a Friday!!!!!!!