4 Square Gift Basket - Crap Free Christmas

You need: A gym floor with 4 squares ...or mark out your own court with chalk
  1. The player in square 4 serves the ball by bouncing it in his square and tapping the ball into another square. 
  2. The player in that space must tap the ball (after one bounce) into another kid's area, and so on, until someone misses the ball, lets the ball bounce twice, or sends it out of the grid. 
  3. The player who misses the ball steps out and the remaining players rotate up through the numbered squares. 
  4. If you are playing with more than four players, a new player enters the game at square 1. 
  5. The player who is out waits in line to re-enter the game once square 1 is open again.
 Whoever is now in square 4 serves the ball to resume play.

4 square is one of those games of my childhood that is making a big resurgence as only an underground movement can do. It is sort of the Occupy Wall Street of the outdoor games movement, but with more showering and rubber balls. Some kids know it and love it and others have never heard of it. Making a 4-square gift kit is a great way to pass on this terrific sport and get kids away from the TV and outside into the fresh air.
For full rules and videos I suggest looking here at the national Foursquare site since there are a lot of rather bogus videos out there with some.. ~creative~ rules usage.  In some ways this is sort of regional but best to start with the real deal before going all "fish in the toilet" ( that will make sense when you learn more about 4 square :)

To make a FourSquare gift kit you will need the following -

1 rubber school yard ball of about 8.5 inches in diameter - check your local school supply stores. You want the rubber type, not the plastic type which weigh less and don't bounce well. ($8)

1 tape measure to lay out a 4 square  court grid. ( $1 Dollar Store)

Side walk chalk - for marking and numbering the grid ( $1 Dollar Store)

Portable ball pump - nothing worse than a flat ball to ruin a good pick up game at the park! ( $6 sports store)

Duffle bag or basket to hold the supplies and tote them to the park

Rule card - I have made one for you.. get it laminated and then hole punch it and tie it to the gift for easy reference.  Download it here

I think this gift has potential to make a lot of kids really happy and bring back a lot of memories for some who are older so watch out.. you might need to make two kits.. 1 for the adults and 1 for the kids!


Jenn Girl said...

4 square was (is) my all time favorite! I don't mean to brag, but I was GOOD! ha ha! Love this idea!

Chloe said...

I have not played foursquare in so long! I loved that game growing up.