Charming Penguin Embroidery

From me to you to celebrate all the winter holidays

Penguins for all!

With just a bit of black polar fleece and white felt you can whip up this in the hoop project in no time. Create them with a hanging loop for a package topper or ornament or get really creative and fill them with plastic pellets and use them for juggling.. so much fun!

 I think this would be a totally great gift if you packaged three of the little penguins made for juggling with a copy of the book or the movie Mr.Poppers Penguins.. but that is just how I roll :)

This design fits in the 4x4 hoop and the zip file contains the design in multiple formats as well as PDF files for the instructions ( make sure to print those!)

If I get enough time I will try to make a little tutorial movie, but don't hold me to that since there is more fun headed your way in the form of a much bigger penguin. This time made out of terry cloth and working as an adorable bath mit! ( Also totally made in the hoop!)

In the mean time down load this little guy HERE and start to celebrating the season!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Maddie - I am not sure how to get the penguin?

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Click on the word HERE in the last sentence of the post.. it will take you to a location where you can download the design! :)