Chocolate Place cards for your Thanksgiving Table

Let's make this fast since I know you are looking at your watch and counting down the hours left until you have to have the house cleaned and decorated, the bird out of the oven, the side dishes made, the kids dressed and make it all look like you did it without a bit of effort. ( ha!)

Where is everyone going to sit?.. How will you make sure that your aunt who is a vegan does not have to sit next to your second cousin the big game hunter?.. Easy, you use place cards!  And not just any place cards.. Chocolate Place cards!  I used.. ok.. say it with me.. A Graphics Fairy File.. fiddled with it a bit and it is now ready for you.

This is fast and easy, but there is a small hitch, you have to get the right candy bars.  I have designed these to fit on the 1.4 ounce size chocolate bars from Aldi Grocery. To check if you have an Aldi near
Uh, yeh that is a REALLY bad photo

you try this link  Aldi Grocery Store Locator  The Choceur chocolate is very good and the price and size make it just right for this project.  I suspect this might fit on other small bars but have NOT checked so your mileage might drastically vary.

Choose the file with the open band and then write in the name of your guest for use as a place card or if you just want to give a little parting gift of the day, make is easy and print out the file that says Happy Thanksgiving.

It could not be easier to do, print off as many images as you need ( they are set 4 per page), cut them out and then wrap around the bar and tape closed.  Heck, let the kids do it!

See.. fast and easy!



Unknown said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I love the idea and the ease of getting it done. It's going on my table this year!
Lynn B in Manassas

Chloe said...

Those are delightful. What a nice surprise that will make for my guests.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I will be making these for our Thanksgiving celebration! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Another lovely idea beautifully done! (via Graphics Fairy)

mary salmon said...

Oh how sweet! Thanks so much for sharing...You have made my day.